Posted on 4-11-11

  1. Putzmeister 70Z loads Antonov 124 at LAX Download

Posted on 4-9-11

  1. Putzmeister 70Z Pump Leaves Atlanta, GA Download

Posted on 4-5-11

  1. Wild B-roll of 70Z being prepped in Santa Fe Springs, CA Download

Posted on 4-4-11

  1. Time lapse video of 70Z unfolding Download
  2. Wild B-roll of 70Z pouring concrete on Oakland Bay Bridge Download
  3. Edited video (2:10) of Dave Adams commenting on sending the 70Z to Japan to assist the efforts at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Download
  4. Individual clips from #3 Download
  5. Wild B-roll of 70Z being prepped in North Charleston, SC. Download